Can I use sample recorder to record a line and instantly put it on track?

Hi. I’m not a new Renoise user. However, I’d like to experiment with live jam sessions, and I’ve not used the sample recorder and other live audio recording stuff that much, so this may seem a beginner question. Anyways…
I’ve figured I can use MIDI mapping to map the “go to next track” to one of my MPK Mini pads. I also mapped “Show sample recorder” and “start sample recording” to pads, so I can do these things on the fly.
My question is: is there a way of recording a “sample” (actually an entire pattern of a guitar line) and as soon as the pattern ends, instead of the sample being available as an instrument, it is automatically put on the top of the pattern at the current selected track?
This way, I could easily jam and record live sessions, and totally fake-overdub some lines together to make a live song.
Is there any way of achieving it? Is there a better way of doing this? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: After posting this I realized I can just let the notes of non-existing instruments already on the tracks I want and they will become actual instruments with the recorded samples as I go… But I’d really love it if there was a way of stopping the sample recording as soon as the pattern ends, so I don’t have to waste time tapping my “stop recording” midi pad.

It seems that you are asking for a very specific behavior that Renoise probably does not have.

But it is very likely that you can “create” that behavior through a LUA tool.

In general, the process is to:

  1. Press Start. Record manually a sample with Sample Recorder inside an instrument synchronized with your pattern (keeping the rhythm), You should use: Sync start & stop in “Pattern”, Menu:Options/Metronome Precount Enabled… and Follow the Player’s Position enabled.
  2. Add a specific note in the pattern editor, on a specific track, on a specific line, in a specific note column. The cursor position in the pattern editor would be ideal. But it should be in a note column, not another type of column (the tool could autocorrect it.).
  3. And then play the song from that line to see the result with the track effects, if exist.

Step one would be manual. Step two the tool would stop recording, jump to the first line of the initially selected pattern, add the note, and then play the song from that line, all automatic and instantaneous.

That could be done with a tool. It wouldn’t even matter if the recording duration was 1.5 patterns. If you know how to sync to the beat of the pattern using the Sample Recorder, this behavior can be solved through a tool that would need to be activated, I think.

The detail here is knowing exactly what you need, creating a step-by-step script and solving it, as long as the API allows you to do all the steps, such as stopping the recording when detecting that it changes pattern using a function. Things like that.

Some related documentation:

– Start a new sample recording when the sample dialog is visible,
– otherwise stop and finish it.
– Cancel a currently running sample recording when the sample dialog
– is visible, otherwise do nothing.

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