Can no longer maintain selection in pattern matrix while scrolling?

If I have a block selected in the pattern matrix, and then scroll to navigate to a different section of the song (in the pattern matrix), whatever I scroll to is automatically selected, instead of simply scrolling to it for playback while keeping my previous selection highlighted. This is a problem for me because I Shift-click all the time to make selections of entire sections of my songs for copying/pasting and now, after setting my starting point,when I scroll to where I want to make the end of my selection for copy/pasting, it takes away the starting point and now I’ve scrolled to a spot that Renoise has made the new starting point of my selection. So now I have to just get used to clicking and dragging selections because shift click doesn’t function correctly in the pattern matrix anymore :l

I actually also have a slight second problem; I want to be able to record notes via PC keyboard while in the sample editor. I looked in the preferences to see if there was a “record only when pattern editor is in focus” option but saw none. Did I miss it, or if this hasn’t been added yet, could it be?

Thanks as always for the incredible software :slight_smile:

Ah, and realized my second problem might be because the keyboard shortcuts switch when the sample editor is in focus. It would be cool to be able to record from the sampler somehow though, if it’s possible please let me know X)

Hello. Multi-selection should be preserved, but single slot selection not. See for a related discussion and explanation of this behavior.

If multi-selection are NOT preserved for you, let us know what exactly you do to make it disappear please, so we can have a closer look at this.

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