Can One Of The Devs Change My Username Please?

i’d like it to be “Hypnoid” (…my current project alias).


But don’t change your project alias too often. We’re not going to keep changing these names all the time :P
Also your loginname didn’t changed!

ahh thanks a bunch! don’t worry i’ll keep it like that now (for the next 7 years at least ;) )

can i be changed to FootballBeast69

I would like it to be RothschildRulez666

Sir Evelyn

Not possible, both names are heavily used by generic Xrumer spambot engines aka: you get banned if these names are scanned for in the database :P.

Greetings administrators,

To my dismay the name “Heuristics” has been taken in the world of electronic music…

Could you change my screen name to “E&S” ?

Thanks. You guyz rule.