Can one send midi messages such as "Omni mode off" via Renoise

Trying to run a Sequential Circuits Drumtraks one a single midi channel and it needs to receive an Omni Mode Off message from the sequencer (some genius programmed it to default to Omni on every startup). I don’t suppose there’s any way to send this from Renoise, eh?

Yep, you can send MIDI commands directly from the pattern. Reference: MIDI Commands

Essentially, you need to do the following:

  • Set up an instrument in Renoise which is connected to your MIDI gear. (Check the instrument’s Ext. MIDI settings in 2.8, or its MIDI Output Device settings in 3.0)

  • Make sure the panning column is visible in the track where you will place your MIDI commands. (Toggle via context menu, or default keybinding Ctrl+Shift+P)

  • In the right-most note column — ie. the one closest to the effect column(s) — enter the instrument’s number.

  • In the right-most panning column, enter the command M0 to declare that you will send a Control Change message.

  • In the first 2 digits of the first effect column, enter the MIDI command’s first data byte: 7C to disable Omni, or 7D to enable Omni.

  • In the last 2 digits of the first effect column, enter the MIDI command’s second data byte: 00 (should always be zero when setting Omni, afaik).

The end result should look something like this:
4815 renoise-omni-off-on.png

For more details on all the various MIDI messages (like where these data bytes 7C and 7D came from), you can check the MIDI specs, or this page for some slightly more readable text about channel control messages.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any external MIDI gear here at the moment to test with, but I believe this should work.

that works, thanks!

might be nice to have a list of all possible midi commands within the renoise manual for easy reference? just a thought.


This has been there the whole time… really! ;)…s#MIDI_Commands

thanks vv, yeah i had actually looked at that section before asking my question ;) i guess i just meant if we could house the full list of possible hex commands (dblue was pulling his info from external links). maybe it’s too long a list or outside the scope of a renoise manual, but again, just a thought, could make for a quick reference, perhaps something like the:


Well, yes, these indeed fall outside the scope of the Renoise manual because they are both generic messages but specific messages in a lot of cases as well. (loads of CC messages are custom purpose and do different things on plugins and midi equipment depending on what functionality the Manufacturer has attached to it)
Adding external links into a manual is a bad idea since these can expire.

A quick reference chart can e.g. be found here: