Can redux load samples from an existing XM or MOD song ?

I have some old .xm and .mod songs with amazing samples playing on them.

Is there anyway for Renoise to import sounds from an existing XM song ?

If this was asked before or available in manual, just point me to there. (I checked the manual and could not find this info)

Thanks !

Renoise can open XM / IT / MOD files.

Then you can export all the WAV sounds contained in them as separated files on your PC/Mac.

And then reuse thoses files in new XRNS tracks.

What is redux and why xmitmod files? Please help. Thank you. Fosterr

Redux doesn’t open .mod or .xm files, but it can open .xi files. Perhaps you could open the songfiles in Renoise or another tracker and save the instruments as samples or as .xi if possible?