Can Renoise Be Used As A Commandline Sample Editor?

Hi, can Renoise be set with Win32/Linux/OSX to load an empty song, and load the selected wavefile and for the changes to it be saved on top of the original?

I’m finding Audacity extremely cumbersome for such a simple thing as to wanting to edit the volume via ext editor on master host?

Well, I just tried to load a wavefile from Finder with and it did nuthing (renoise started but sample was misplaced)

If Renoise is already open, and I then tell Finder to load Renoise for a wavefile and get the above error.

I’m looking into an alternative which is to actually use an applescript to drag the file from Finder to Renoise’s instrument box. it would be quite fiddly.


If I knew of a way of passing a path+filename to a script which then loads the path+filename into an instrument box entry would be one possibility, i suppose, but does Renoise offer direct, commandline access to scripting?

Yes it does… study this script:

by direct, commandline-access to scripting, I meant launching from the Terminal, and defining it to run a specific function of a specific tool (i.e. load the file presiding in $1 as provided by the bash script)

I believe Renoise already executes all scripts it loads, you simply have to define the hook in the prolog of your routine:

if renoise.tool():has_file_import_hook("instrument", {"ivc"}) == false then  

The only thing i don’t know for sure:Will it load the scripts before attempting to load the file that got dropped on it?

And regarding wav-files, Renoise should load and recognize them, if it doesn’t, something is either wrong with the wav structure or the finder procedure (I don’t know if the finder can be configured to supply files in different manners to an application).

Renoise loads the Scripts before it loads the blank Song, that is why “local s =” or similar outside of a Function within a script throws up an error when you open Renoise. Therefore I strongly suspect the answer is that Yes, scripts will be loaded before any file you try dropping on it/opening it with.

Well you would probably need this one before you can trigger any activity (To prevent Renoise firing an error before any song is created) if it also executes this part before the file is being used further:

Ok, returning back to this.
If it is true that a future version of Renoise will be able to load wavefiles within OSX, then my next question would be this:

Would it be possible for Renoise to pass, during startup, the direct, full path to the sample and the sample filename, to a script which can then be used to “save in place”?

I’m thinking this would make Renoise into a sample editor. :)