Can Renoise standalone on ARM?

Hey! VifyrV here, formerly Yourlocalloser. I got myself a second license for Renoise so that I could do some Raspberri Pi projects. So far it works really great on my RPi4 running a Raspian distro. But my question is this:

Do any of my Linux/RPi-heads know if it is possible to get Renoise to run as a stand-alone on ARM platforms? How would I go about doing that? Currently I just have it auto-loading Renoise after Raspian starts up so that I could build a headless synth. Working well so far but I really think it could be better!


Well it has to use the libraries/drivers/etc from the “operating system,” renoise works on top of an operating system so my guess is no.

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yeah, i think something like computer/pi/box with renoise would be awesome…
I have an idea for one keyboard (with concealed space for Pi) which would be something like commodore - self-contained tracker :smiley:

have you seen this thing? u can take the thermal printer off…its a pi4

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Renoise relies a lot on services like jack or audio drivers, I don’t think it’s an easy path to make it able to manage hardware a all stuff the operating system takes care of… Btw maybe setting a linux distro to the optimal setup is no big deal :slight_smile:

It says it can run in “standalone mode”. It is towards the bottom

Also I’m very interested in seeing a headless renoise !