Can Renoise Themes be incorporated into a script and loaded?

Hi, I have a XML + XRNC - can these be incorporate into a script and then, at will, loaded as a theme (think: added to theme list?)

ok, i get that this can work"/Users/esaruoho/Downloads/Pale Green Background (lackluster).xrnc")

BUT. two things.

  1. how do i reference it from inside the script, without knowing where the user has the script? (macOS, Windows, Linux surely all have it in different places)
  2. how do i make sure it is imported, so a person can edit it at will, from the Settings → Themes?

But you do know where the user has the script. And you can use a relative path.

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well, i was able to do the “Presets/palegreen.xrnc” loading. thanks!

what’s missing however is how to actually add it as a “User Theme” instead of loading it constantly (without being able to edit it in any way or save it). any ideas?