Can Renoise use rex files somehow ?


Read some comments about this from a few years back. What is the current status ? Is it possible to make use of rex files in Renoise ?

it would be really cool if it could! I think someone has mentioned this before…propellerheads have the rights to its useage as I recall

it would be really cool if it could! I think someone has mentioned this before…propellerheads have the rights to its useage as I recall

Yes. You have to ask Propellerheads because they are the inventors of rex format and are also the rightsholders. You have to contact and ask them for permissions if you want use the rex format support in your own products. If you get the rights, you also get all things you need (the rex SDK, the codes, etc.) for implementing the rex format in your software products. But i don’t know, if you have to pay some money for it.

From Propellerheads Website:

The REX API provides the necessary functions for using REX2 files in your application. It is distributed as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) which must be installed on the system together with your REX-capable software. DLLs are a technique which is highly platform-dependent, which means that there is a different DLL file for each supported platform. Currently we support 32- and 64-bit MacOS and Windows platforms. By licensing the REX SDK, you have been granted the right to distribute and install the DLL files together with your application.

The API also includes two C source-code files (“REX.C” and “REX.H”) that you need to compile into your application before you distribute it. These two files contain the code to dynamically load, unload, initialize and check the version of the DLL, to make sure it is compatible with your application (this is necessary, since the DLL may be updated or replaced independently of your application after it has been installed on a user’s system).

By using the API, your application will be able to read and take advantage of the information in REX2, as well as old-style REX- and ReCycle Document (".RCY") files. This is the reason the API is called the “REX API” and not the “REX2 API”. Everything you can do with a REX2 file by means of the API, you can also do with a REX or RCY file.

You didn’t really have to ask them, you create an account, print out an agreement, sign it, then fax it back and they send you the relevant information/files, that’s how it worked when i did it, this would be very easy for the Renoise team to get, and it does not cost money.

However i have posted a video a long time ago showing how to use Reaper to convert REX2 files in to the wav and MIDI files needed for Renoise, so it is no great loss.

wheres the vid? that sounds useful

no, somebody posted in here, two ways:

  1. Use Recycle to load rx2, then save as multi-wav? Cannot find post…

2.There is “additional file formats tool” ( for Renoise 2.8. Converting rex2 to rex (using recycle or whatever), then import using Renoise 2.8 and then import 2.8 instrument to Renoise 3.1

1 yes that was me a few weeks ago in the other REX2 thread hahaha

2 Seems very long winded to me

Bother very old videos, both a bit boring because they are from years ago before i started to record tutorials properly.

Bungle, so you are the Reaper tutorial guy! Loved some of your vids back when I was using Reaper.

Yes, i will be doing them again at some point soon, just had a lot of upheaval in life last couple years