Can someone explain this behavior to me?

I haven’t been able to figure out what makes this tick, because sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn’t. But when it does it, it drives me crazy. Like I just want to put a pattern command in that column but I can’t select it, because it snaps back.

Yes Ive run into this issue before, I cant replicate it now but it certanily seems a bug and is a pain if it happens.

Oh good, I’m not going crazy then. :w00t:

BTW you see that giant 12 column yellow track? Yeah your “reorder notes by pitch” tool really helped with that a ton.

Always good to hear my scripts are out there making themselves useful!

I believe this could be a bug: the track itself appears to be larger than the available pattern editor space on your monitor and probably this confuses the algorhythm which arranges the tracks on the screen

Looks like something that could happen on a double monitor where Renoise only gets the desktop size of one of them, but not the complete size.
I’m not sure about this though.
I have a 19201080p monitor next to a 12801024 monitor so for me, stretching is not really an option. I did tried to reproduce it by stretching Renoise across both my screens, but i was not able to reproduce the problem.
I think this is reproductable if you had started Renoise in an initial desktop resolution and then changed to a larger resolution while Renoise is running.
But a lot of programs won’t handle that.

I think it’s seen on both single and dual monitor screens, it’s a bug I’ve been annoyed by about 3 times but didn’t take the time posting. (I believe it improved from 2.8 to 2.8.1)
It’s got something to do with, when you change tracks, of course renoise has a preference to (scroll to) display the whole track on screen. With groups that is sometimes impossible.
I just triggered the behaviour right now on a 1280x1024 screen next to a 1366x768. It only seems to ‘be buggin’ if the tracks in the group have lots of columns. So that’s probably where something in the PM display width calculation goes awry.

edit, just checked, behaviour is the same on just the laptops 1366x768. When changing to the group track by mouse it’s just like in the video, when changing tracks by keyboard (I’m using a ‘Jump to Next Track’/‘MiniTab’ shortcut from one of my tools, these functions are quick to set both current track and current note or effect column) it’s considerably better or worse (depending on how you look at it): the focus does get to the wanted track, but the view does scroll back like it would when clicking! So you can type in there but can’t see what you type :D.

PS here’s how I did that
4343 buggybug.xrns