Can Someone Help Me Out With Vocals?!

Hello everyone :)

I am working on a cover version (I know there are already gazillions out there ;) ) of the Interactive track “Living without your love”. But I am having big troubles to get some fitting vocals. I already use Auto-Tune and pitched the vocals up, but somehow it sounds like crap.

Maybe some of you real great musicians here on the board can help me out? Either with some hints i maybe have overlooked using auto-tune or maybe even with some vocals from you?

Any help would be much appreciated :blush:

For those who do not know what track I am talking about:

Thanks in advance :yeah:

Possibly combine your pitched up mix with a dry unpitched mix. And then layer that similarly with different octaves. Throw some chorus effects in there probably on the lower mixes maybe.

I’ve never done it with vocals and I never use auto-tune but that’s typically what I’ve done with other stuff I’m pitching.

Some good points. Will give that a shot. Thank you very much :)

Still not the desired vocals. I uploaded the WIP on SoundCloud. I guess it is easier to find out what I am doing wrong that way… :)

Any help is welcome :)

Thanks :)

Mate, I think that there’s definately not enough higher frequencies in vocal track. Whole song is bright but vocals are to dark because of low midrange overload. I would try to equalize vocal to -3dB/oct slope. Could be then much better.

Thanks for the reply. I already EQ’ed mids down and highs up. Did not help that much. For some reason that midrange overload seems to be caused by Auto-Tune settings. Something I am doing wrong there i guess.

Getting closer? Or am I the king of wishful thinking? :wacko:

:ph34r: :panic: :yeah:

Apart from the style of a song, that I not specially like, the “papara” part at 2:04 is totally out of rhytm… Apart from that it’s good. It would be good to hear female vocal in this song, like in classical happy hardcore, but it doesn’t matter.