Can Someone Tell Me If This Is Possible?

I have an idea. I currently have two sweet mechanical keyboards with n-key rollover hooked up, a filco w/ browns and a leopold w/ reds. Anyways, how cool would it be to use your second keyboard as another set of keys that are offset by two octaves? I know, pretty cool right? Or I know, why not just use a MIDI keyboard? Yeah, but this could be free and make things easier for anyone, since we all have surplus computer keyboards.

This topic talks about modifying the scancodes on your second keyboard using a keyboard filter driver. This isn’t mentioned until post seven actually, which is a link to some more forum posts. I guess that’s life. So, if I were to do this, would I be able to use the LUA API to get it so that the other scancodes record as notes that are offset by two from the primary octave? Or make it so that there is a key on the keyboard to transpose by semitones?

Also, not related, but could you do something like automate the keyboard record velocity? And do you know of any free VST instruments that sense channel pressure?

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As for the question: No idea, I’m afraid. :P

The octave is generic, so with ordinary keyboards, you won’t be able to pulling this off, unless you are writing an OSC caster in Lua that translates all these different scancodes. It also means that both keyboards should really send different scancode for the same keys. In practice most likely not possible since you can only select one country setting for a keyboard at the same time.

Using two midi keyboards:I think you may be able to pull off changing the octave on one of the keyboards (or set one keyboard two octaves lower and the other two higher) before you have started Renoise, but eventually, Renoise and the mididevices are communicating octave settings, so you might loose the setting as soon as you adjust the octave on either location (renoise or any of the other keyboards).But i suspect this depends on what the midi keyboard itself does (if it actively polls for this data, you will probably be out of luck)
If you want a 100% working solution:Design your own midi keyboard that does only one way communication or can be programmed to shut down incoming signals.