Can Somone Help With A Track Plz?

Hi peepz,

So i’m making this track:

and i can’t quite figure out what it’s missing, I like the way it sounds so far, but i feel like it’s missing something and that it has too much of something.
Some variation perhaps? idk, and idk how if so.

any feed back/suggestions are appreciated ;)



link doesnt work for me. well… it says my browser is unsupported…? while it just firefox, no idea why it doesn’t work.

hmm, odd, but in any case i uploaded it to 4 shared. Here’s the link:

Thanx 4 the heads-up.


I dunno really… just thinking that one of the best rules in music is to keep the arrangement simple, so maybe the two melodies at 0:50 you have going at the same time may distract/confuse the listener as to what to focus in on, also the very active drum pattern wants attention, maybe there’s just too much asking for attention?

this is one of the best rules in simple music

I believe it’s a good advice for all music, the more similar layers and melodies you stack on top of each other, the more you risk getting a crowded mix. But it’s not a rule really, just an helper advice for when you get stuck in these situations, then step back and consider if something is colliding in some way.

thanx for the advice and observations guys, I really appreciate it.

so far I’m still not sure about what I’ll do with the track (it’s the first song i make in renoise).

once again, thanx ;)


You could change the lead sound to something more aggressive.