Can This Be Done Without Massive Hassle?


I have two tracks, and I want to merge them

Basically I made two tracks, and put them together in a mix. Everyone who has heard them together thought they were parts of the same track, and I have to admit they are right.

It sounds good, so I want to bolt the two together.

They use completely different samples, vsts and tracks though obviously.

Is there a way to merge them without having to go through copying, pasting, transferring and changing sample numbers etc etc?

That would take forever.

What does the XRNS-Merge script do then?


So there is a process to all this. Excellent!

To be honest man, I am more a dreamer than a coder…

Before I even click on that link, can I ask you a question?

Will it automatically merge my 2 songs together without me doing anything?

I mean, that is a pretty heavy process!

It involves creating a new track on the first song for each track in the second song. It also involves transferring countless samples, as well as VSTs

If this can do all that. I am very very impressed my friend!


I downloaded this…


What am I supposed to do? I am guessing that it is the merge file I need to use. I double clicked it and it just appeared in Notepad…


Haha! No f****ing way!!

That is actually amazing!

Christ almighty, who do I have to thank for this???



If two songs are merged, what happens with the Master Track?

Say if song one has a limiter on the master, and song 2 has a compressor…

Does the new merged song have both thing on the Master?

All the scripts work on a Mac. I help code and test, I do it using OS X.

The problem is that there is no GUI for the mac, and PHP 5.2.3+ is currently not included on a mac. (the default is 4.4.7 in /usr/bin/php which is too old)

This makes it difficult to use for people not familiar with the command prompt.

That being said, it’s very easy to learn the command prompt. The amount of time spent making and maintaining the scripts is far greater than the amount of time it takes to learn the command prompt. Blah blah blah, command prompt.

Check out this thread and post questions if you have any, although I’m snarky and sardonic, I’m more than willing to help, so don’t be afraid to ask.