Can velovity apply to keyzones, but not to volume?

I’ve created a drumkit Instrument useing keyzones like this:

For example, there are 12 recorded snare drum samples, ranging from minimum volume / velocity to maximum.

Now, when I use my MIDI keyboard to play, the velovity chooses the right sample, but it also alters the volume - but as the samples already are at low volume at low velocity, they are now much quieter than intended.

Is there a way that the instrument volume is always maximum, no matter what velocity the keyboard sends -but still the right keyzone is played?



Select all the keyzones in question, then disable the VEL->VOL option.

VEL->VOL: When disabled, the sample will always play at full volume. This can be useful for lower velocities when samples have already been recorded at a lower volume.

Great, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: