Can We Automate The Start And End Function Of A Sample

Hi there,

I was fooling around with a sample in the sample editor. But my question is : Could we automate the start and the end of a sample? Or do we have to use the 09xx command?
I’m trying to get the effect of a sample that is getting shorter and shorter untill we have a nice tuuut or piiieeeeepp, while the track is running. Are there any suggestions?


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loop cannot be automated, but loop + 09xx can give good results.

You could just record your tweakings ( in your case …changing looppoints) with an audio editor …then import the sample …

any chance you have kontakt? it’s possible in there.

I learned how to perform virtual audio connections with Jack in linux to do specifically this; record the sound of manually sweeping the loop point of a sustaining sample so I can then emulate the automation with offsets. :D

with other words, just recording it live

you could use the 09xx command along with the 0exy command to repeat the sample - thus creating a suttering effect. you could even delay it so its not precisely locked to tempo.

ah forget this! i want automated instruments!


Hmm… Too bad they didn’t include midi-controlled loop-points… =/ That would have been very useful, at times! :)

yes this is something i’d use.

if you have it, you can do this in max msp, in fact one of the first looping tutorial patches does it, you can tweak the end point, start point, speed etc. very useful.

you can download max/msp runtime for free so if you find an external of something similar on the net that could be one way around it.

again…you can automate loop points in kontakt. similar to what genfu said, you could go to and download the demo of kontakt, which should allow you 30 minutes of full functionality (except load and save probably) at a time. In this 30 minutes you should be able to automate the loop points to your liking, and then after you’ve got the entire song automated just render it to a single audio track or whatever (or break it into sections). it depends on how fast you work, you may have to close kontakt and open it again if you run out of time, but at least your automation will still be there in renoise (you would just have to load in the sample again and set it up quickly). this is kinda a pain in the ass in demo mode, but it’s one solution.

still waiting for this feature.

yeah, i need this too. can someone recommend a simple and lightweight sample player vst, which is capable of this? i need automation of sample start at least, because entering pattern commands by hand is no fun at all in some cases.

Really? Nice. I’ll check that out.

As far as the loop points go, I wrote out how it could be done using a meta device here. Please add this guys…

Are these specific MIDI messages or are those CC messages?
CC messages can be sent either by using the panning effect command C0 and the XX YY parameters.
Or just using a MIDICC device and automate it.
The original MIDI data structure is quite limited, anything above the usual standard is proprietary, like REX.

+1 for automating the loop points feature - this is something i’d really like to see - also i’d love to be able to specify the amount of times something loops and automate that too…

Sending commands via the fx column to control the loop markers would be an incredible pain in the ass. I think that the only righteous way of doing it would be by meta device and automate however many params you want. Also, since the device would be on one track and samples aren’t assigned to tracks, you could have it only on that one track and any sample that’s played in that track could be given temporary loop points for the duration of it being used in that track.

sampA and sampB both have no loop points. track1 is clean and track2 has the meta device on it. Both sampA+B are played around on track1. sampA is played in track2 and as soon as is starts playing, the loop points are activated, when it stops playing in that track the loop points are turned off. So when it goes back to track1 it won’t loop. Same would go for sampB,C,D,etc.

I think VST plugs would be the best for this. Check this page out.

BT has software I’m not sure if its beta still. But he uses it all the time in his songs and it does exactly what your talking about. In the meantime we have glitch which may actually be cooler. I saw this thing on youtube its like instant IDM.

If we pretend like we can already do this, we can do this right now!

Yeah, they’re nice plugins, but I wouldn’t rely on just them. Because each plugin has it’s own little signature on the audio. You can hear someone using the buffer override vst fairly easy. Same goes for glitch and bouncy. Don’t get me wrong I love playing with them but using them as your only method to “achieve that sound” will make you sound like everyone else that uses them. Mess around with making your own glitches as well.

As for the “instant IDM,” music shouldn’t be instant. And I’m not just saying that about IDM, this goes for every genre. Take your time making music, if you pour your heart into it then people are more likely to pick up on it.