Can/will This Roll Up Keyboard Work With Renoise ?

would be great for travelling…

i sort of bum around europe with a laptop in a rucksack, this would be perfect for me, i mean if i could use it to play my vst’s, and sample based instruments…

It doesn’t have any mention of midi so I’d imagine not.
From looking at the page, it appears that it’s just a usb device that works with the program included.

I think you’d have to test it to really find out though.

I bought something similar that was a child’s toy one time, although it didn’t roll up. It turns out that the PCB inside just acted like a regular typing keyboard, therefore when you hook it up and press keys, in windows they just show up like regular letters & symbols. I tried using some windows registry hacks to reassign the keys to match renoise’s 2 octaves, however it didn’t work because Renoise didn’t care that the keys were remapped in windows, and still played the wrong notes. :(