Can you automatically transpose all samples base note (keyzone) in an

So I made my first multisample instrument in Renoise. I sampled it from a sound I made on my Xiosynth. One problem, my pitch wheel is broken. Turns out the entire thing is tuned up by a half step. Because the sound was arpeggiated, I had to do a sample for each note, so trying to change the base note for each note is going to take FOREVER! Is there anyway to do it for all samples? If not, maybe this could be something to add to the instrument editor? I think it would save a lot of time. Like say I want to transpose everything up an octave? Just right click and change base note for all samples in instrument up one octave?

You could do it via the Sample Properties, by setting the Transpose value for all samples.

First, select all desired samples in the list — using Ctrl or Shift click, or give focus to the list and press Ctrl+A, or use the context menu, etc.

Then simply adjust the Sample Properties you’re interested in, and the changes will be applied to the entire selection.

4639 renoise-multi-sample-select.png