Can You Check This Plug-in (widebug)

The plugin is WideBug, from this site. (free, btw)

It doesn’t work in Renoise (1.5 or 1.5.1) for me, it makes some strange noise…
(edit: Warning: Can be very loud!)

It works in any other host, tho.

Btw, let me know if you had an error during install. You can ignore it, it doesn’t seem to matter.

p.s. I posted in the Betabugs forum already.

It seems to use some phasing technique to enhance the output, but this plug remains hanging in the first snippet of sample-data it processes.
Whatever you play next adds to it.
When setting the staticbuffer option, it behaves a bit more stabile, but the behaviour is not really different.
I had to put a DC offset dsp on the track to keep the audio-level on shape.
It behaves more like a wavegenerator in Renoise.

that was completely unexpected.
an definetely a bug, somewhere.

Just wanted to add that the SpinBug VST (from Betabugs, as well) makes a lot of loud noise when you set it to stereo and put the knob to 0. In other hosts the meters go crazy/clipping, but there’s silence, in Renoise it makes noise. Apart from that little inconvenience the plugin seems to be working fine in Renoise.

I wonder if the name BetaBugs has anything to do with the combination of the two…
Beta and Bugs…


To be honest, that was my thought exactly… :rolleyes:

yeah, I know… and also there is noise in ReNoise…

Well, BetaBugs makes ReNoise… erm… Renoise…
Let’s just say that it makes it sound litterally to it’s title.