Can You Get Rid Of The <frame> Tag Already?

I can’t keep it inside anymore, I’ve been living with this for a few years now… Feel me pain! :P

Seriously though, enough with the ! The Bulletin Board doesn’t even fit and it’s annoying beyond comprehension?

Yes I agree. I usually break out of the frame, but those times when I forget or want access to the top menu, i cry.

I can understand the frustration.

Try camino instead of safari.
Camino is Mozilla based.

I had a few headaches fixing pages just because Apple programmers have to suck at reinventing the wheel in browserland (yet using a stabile and proven browser engine from the Linux world!)
Safari sucks at obeying CSS laws and cookie processing.
The majority of browser brands know how to handle pages, except Safari.

I don’t think this is so much a broswer rendering issue as it is using the obsolete tag

Why not a div?

Thanks for the suggestion though.

I can look into it to see if i can change that, most of the pages are old code.
Since we never had anything to do with Mac users, there was no reason to really bother about this.

This has changed now.
The problem with Safari is that programmers removed a lot of overhead that pushes web-administrators into a corner.
They have to do everything perfectly or you’ll be damned.
It makes the browser very fast, but it pisses off it’s users that can’t see shit on 95% of the world wide websites that weren’t created by a Mac user and the site designers that have to make all the changes for a browser on a platform they don’t own.

I do web apps too, I beg to differ. Safari is based on Konqueror, it’s not as sucky as you make it out to be. It’s one of the good guys. Have you run this site through a W3C validator? ;) An easy way to change this using frames would be like this:

Renoise header | Corner

BBS Frame (100% wide)

Anyway, it’s not really important. It’s just annoying. Don’t make this a priority or anything.


I know Safari is based on Konqueror (that was what i referred to with “stabile and proven browserengine from the Linux world”), but when i use Konqueror itself through Knoppix, i don’t see Konqueror messing up the renoise pages as much as Safari does. To be more specific: Konqueror does not mess it up at all.

So Konqueror may be a good engine, it ain’t implemented pretty well in Safari on the Mac.

camino is pretty good, i use it.
i really liked the brushed metal of safari, but i feel more comfortable with camino.
i didnt look to hard but one reason i stopped using safari was i think to do with either no tabs or they hid them in a option somewhere.
but camino has been pissing me off lately, some odd problem is happening, where well its actually 2 things, but 1st the type in these areas when posting on forums. (the whitespace im seeing while typing this) something happens an text gets all contorted to where i cant really tell what i have typed an what i have deleted from using backspace. then i have a bunch of nonsense in front of my cursor that i cant really tell what i have wrote until i press the preview button.
im almost positive its something with mozzila in general, because firefox does it too.
the other problem with camino an firefox is that theres a ton of sites that gets mixed with my installed fonts, so alot of times even after i have disabled the fonts, the damn graffitti font still comes back an all my google searches expedia…etc are all scribble!!! i dont want to uninstall my ttf fonts (it took days to install them it seemed) but man i wish they would fix it.

I think this seems to be a font problem rather than a browser problem.
And may possibly be a bug in the Mac software but i can’t tell this from my position.