Can you just load and play in Renoise?


Let’s say you are using FL or Ableton. You create a track and load it with an audio sample. Then, you click the play button. Your track start playing. Now, can I do that in Renoise without assigning a note in the track?


no, you can’t.

here’s why:
in other DAWs you have audio and midi tracks.
in renoise you only have midi (sortof) tracks.

that’s why there has to be a note event which triggers an instrument to become audible.

imagine other DAWs would only have midi tracks. you wouldn’t hear a thing without entering a note beforehand as well.

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Oh ok. I didn’t know that.

So, now I’m thinking. How do I know which note I need to use to trigger an audio sample? I mean, I don’ t want to play my sample out of tune. I want to play it in the way it is.

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Usually the note “C4” is the one, maybe somebody else has something to add?


nothing more to add.

the original pitch is always triggered with C-4 by default.


And if I’m not wrong, this is where the magic happens:



Yep, any sampler in any DAW or piece of hardware needs to know the root note of the sample - better sample libraries tell you the note of the sample for precisely this reason.

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