Can you mark your samples to line up with beginning of sections?

Question is in title.

Basically, I’m recording a live take of acoustic guitar through a separate 16 track, then exporting the wav file into renoise.

The struggle is that since it’s a single sample, if I want to edit the other instruments on different tracks from a section in the middle of the song, I have to start the whole song over in order to hear it back since the sample starts in the first section.

Any way to cut the sample so it lines up seamlessly in your sections/phrases? Without having to manually do it.

Unless there’s a better way to track live takes?

Thanks for your help.

If you go into the sample properties for your long recordings, you can enable the “Autoseek” option, which will automatically sync the long sample’s playback position when you start the song from later patterns.

Nice! Thank you so much!