Can you Midi Map what line position your on?

I’ve decided fully Midi Map Renoise using my XioSynth, effectively using it as a master controller for it. I’ve found out how to change which column your in, but not Line Position. I’m basically trying to minimize the amount of times I need to use the mouse and keyboard. It would be neat to be able to control it almost entirely with the XioSynth. :P

It looks like I can get pretty close!

You can’t without scripting.
in there you can get the where edit_pos has two objects:
edit_pos.line and edit_pos.sequence.

You can only change both values at the same time by this construction and call that function from within a midi mapping:

function change_line_pos(midi_message)  
 local pos_queue =  
 oprint(midi_message) --Just for convenience, to show you the object contents of midi_message object table  
 pos_queue.line = midi_message.int_value  
 -- pos_queue.sequence = only_change_when_applicable = pos_queue  
renoise.tool():add_midi_mapping {  
 name = tool_id..":change line...",  
 invoke = change_line_pos  

See the RenoiseScriptingTool.lua inside the Xrnx documentation folder for more details about the methods and objects.

Hope this helps.

I’ve made this into a tool before, called MidiSkip, but if you’re possibly interested in scripting it is a very good first entry into the whole renoise / lua customization thingy!
There’s also MidiStep which allows one to change the editstep to only e.g. 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,16 etc.

direct download link to MidiSkip
link to all my tools’ source code


Hey y. Thanks for the replies. First let me appologize for any grammar issues I’m writing this on my kindle and it doesn’t seem to have the best calibration. Anyways I’m all about learning lua! Ive been wanting to Learn scripting for awhile but didn’t know where to start. In fact id like to learn a little about programming in general. Do you think this would be a good place tl start? If time permits and school doesn’t become to chaotic, I may attempt this!