Can you midi sync multiple devices?

Hey all, I’m trying to sync my Xiosynth and Microbrute, and Renoise doesn’t seem to allow me to do this. Is it not possible to have multiple devices synced at once? I can do it in Ableton but I can’t find a way in Renoise.

Its totally possible. If you want Renoise to set the midi clock, go to the midi tab on the prefs. Assign it to an output device and make sure your cables are going to the right place.

Problem is they’re both on USB and there is only the option of 1 device in the midi clock in the midi tab.

Ableton makes this easy. You just set up an “external instrument” as a plugin, and it clocks it. In Renoise, it looks like you can only send midi clock out to one device?

Basically, I can’t find a way to clock Microbrutes sequencer and Xiosynths arpeggiator/gate simultaneously. The Xio only has Midi out, and the Micro only has Midi in, and I still have my Akai AX80 that I’m controlling via Xio’s midi out. So USB is the only realistic way to do it.

Are you running Renoise on Windows??
Probably on OSX or Linux, there is a way that you can route between such midi ports freely (I don’t know how-to in detail though).

But on Windows, you have to install such a MIDI-splitting software (MIDI OX, etc) and vertual MIDI cable (loopMIDI, etc) by yourself. It’s a bit troublesome to set up, I think.

Personally I sometimes use MIDI OX and loopMIDI on Windows 8.1, for some funny testing purpose only.

Possibly there may be a better method though… :unsure: