Can you reccomend a good cloud storage where...

Hi guys,

I am looking for a good cloud storage where I can have 1 or 2 gigabytes free… + have password protected share, for free. I know will not allow this. What will? I am not looking for soundcloud, or gobbler, lol… I want a standard cloud service…

Cheers/thank you


^^^ shameless referral URL so you and I get more hosting space (e.g. for every friend who joins and installs Dropbox, we’ll give you both 250 MB of bonus space) pitch in to win? ^^^

You get free space, a decent interface, and you can use the Public Link Feature to host your files.

you anticipated me, Conner, I was going to post my Dropbox referral URL ;)

go for it, 2 daze j, Dropbox is good and reliable

I was also going to mention Dropbox (and shamelessly use my referral link (with full disclosure, of course)), but he specifically mentioned wanting password protected folders that could be shared. As far as I’m aware, Dropbox does not yet offer this.

One thing you can do is use an enrcyption tool to create an encrypted volume as a file, then store that file in dropbox.

Sorry guys, dblue is correct… I was looking for PW protect + share. I’ve already got a drop box… um… I wish I had more space too :slight_smile:


Great idea! Thank you :slight_smile:

Mediafire you can Password Protect individual files, make folder public or private, generate one-time only download links and quite a few other options like that. Not sure if it’s quite suitable to your needs though…

Wuala by LaCie encrypts the files before they are uploaded.

Also have a free Android/Iphone app so you can upload/download from those devices.

Yeah… I’m still checking on all these ones you suggested… Can’t have enough free cloud space, that’s for sure. Google drive looks good. As much as I hate google, another five gigs goes a long way to keep the music projects backed up…

My problem is not really the, “regular,” Renoise projects… Even though I want them nice and snug and secure… My big problem is the, “mastering,” projects… I have several 100 + megabyte Renoise projects… I and the audio files from pre-master renders that are all in 32 bit…

So, I need plenty of these!!

I got 4… Including dropbox that was mentioned, but I wont mention the other three I am using, just for, “security purposes.” google drive looks like a safebet though!!



Now that they have an OSX and Windows client, I can say Ubuntu One:

Click me (referral URL)

5 gigs, public URL feature, and a music store in there…

Cheers, you should have an extra 500 gbytes… I’m installing the windows app, as I type this… or rather, “that installed really quickly,” cause I now see the desktop shortcut as I type this… lol…

I recently tried Symform. If you can spare a few gigs of space, you gain a few gigs for it as well.
the space ratio is 2:1 (you offer 50GB for storage, you get 25GB)

It has a few downsides though:
sharing is not possible (in the sense that you can allow another user to log on and either allow them personal download rights or other arbitrary access combinations to your files and folders.)
It uses 96 sources to stuff your material (encrypted and in puzzle-pieces), if 32 sources fail, you can still get your stuff back, but if more fail, stuff no longer can be recovered.
Another thing is that this software attempts to connect with those 96 resources if you give it the chance. Problem is, most routers and pc’s can’t pull that amount of connections, so be careful with how much bandwidth you really assign to this tool.

But compared to paid services, it seems cheaper to buy a 1TB drive and offer that amount of space to the net and store your partitions in the cloud. You get an overclustered raid 96 in exchange for it.
You can still decide to pay for storage or combine part storage paid and part storage traded.

That’s a very interesting idea. I will definitely, “keep an eye,” on this one.

After reading some of the replies above, it seems like people are more and more recommending Dropbox. Although, Dropbox is a reliable option to go with but in this case as asked above, i do not think that Dropbox should be recommended as it does not offer password protected sharing (folder) option. Mediafire is a good option, I believe. It is new into the market but do offer some tremendous features which one might consider in choosing their services. However, there are a lot of other options to explore and among them you can take a look at: JustCloud, SugarSync, Mozy, Carbonite, YouSendIt, etc etc… I hope this will help you. You can checkout my source link to get some more cloud storage options with respect to storage space and price.


Password protecting stuff is not that relevant. You can share folders with your friends colleagues on dropbox so they have access to the files and login with their own password. Also just making a public link to share to some people works just as well as password protection: if you know the link you can access it, if you don’t know the link you can’t. Same as with a password.

My company has just gone with as it happens. Bought 1000 licences initially. I see they only offer password protection starting from the Business account, which is £11/month.

They used to use here until fairly recently, when I believe it was deemed to much of a security risk, and was removed from everybody’s account and requests for it refused while they trialled a few others.

Not sure if that speaks high of at all. We would definitely be among the high profile companies that use their system, like the ones they showcase on their Customers page, but we’re not there (at least not yet.)

Bit shit how a £15/month Personal account gets you far less that a £11/month Business account. But with the Business account you need to purchase a minimum of three.