Can you see the path to a selected sample?

Hi guys,
is there any way to see the path to a selected sample in the instrument selector? Especially when I have renamed a sample I struggle to remember which folder I found it in, so it would be really nice get the file path by hovering the sample or right click → show file path.

I’m a complete beginner when in comes to trackers and have only been tinkering with Renoise for a couple of weeks and so far I’m loving it. I have to say that the amount of knowledge and willingness to help others on this forum is impressive, and I’ve learned a lot just by browsing.

My biggest fear is that with all the possibilities within Renoise, this can be a really deep rabbit hole from which it can be difficult to emerge from :wink:

The samples are part of the Renoise-File.

Renoise files (xrns) are just zipped xmls with flac/wav-files included in that same zip. If you rename or delete samples from your hdd but you have them in your Renoise, it does not matter.

but I think you misunderstood my question.

When I look at my selected samples in the instrument selector (top right corner)
I’m wondering if there is a way to see the path to my selected kick, i.e. /library/samples/kicks/bs_kick_001.flac

On this screenshot, you can see a path in the ‘Samples’ portion of the screen (right-hand side). If that’s not enough, you can also right-click on the sample and be taken directly to the folder the sample resides in. It’s pretty good, but that’s all there is. In order to see the file path, you’ll have to drag the window size horizontally to the left.


Like in the screenshot above, this is only visible in the disk browser at the time you’re loading in samples. Perhaps in a same session you can still remember where you got them from, if not too much time has gone by.
Renoise stores the samples used in a song inside the songfile when saved, not the locations where you grabbed them from. So if you have a large sample collection, after a while it will be hard to remember.

In that case Sononym; together with the Renoise (wip)tool Sononymph; can help finding back the original sample / path when searching for similarity?

(Or perhaps you can persuade someone to create a keyboard shortcut script that is able to load a sample from the disk browser and saves the origin path inside the name? :sunglasses:)

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Pretty sure if you unzip the xrns and look at Song.xml it has the original file path

            <FileName>//File:X:\ownCloud\RenoiseSongs\AlbumTracks\Neurogami - Dance Noise\dead-kick001.wav</FileName>
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Cool, could this be made visible in Renoise without going inside the xml? What would be the point of Renoise logging this?

In one word: No.

Renoise isn’t a rabbit hole, Renoise is a dungeon. There are several passages in this dungeon leading to the light, you just have to choose the right path for you. :wink:


Lol, truth. But it’s one of those decked out deluxe sex dungeons you might want to get locked up in. I mean, if that’s your thing

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Thanks for clearing it up for me. Much appreciated!
Guess some learning by doing makes it easier.

Oh well, off to the dungeons again. Dungeon master Composing gloves is trying to explain how to make chip tunes.


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That’s probably why so many people can’t finish songs because “their journey is their reward”. :wink:

Eye of the Beholder! Black Crypt!

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