Can You Trigger Key Bindings / Menu Functions

I’ve searched the documentation and can’t find anything.

I want to make a script that let’s you trigger the ‘paste continuously’  . access to advanced edit would be great too.

This sort of thing should be made possible. 

We’ve been all over this advanced edit stuff on multiple threads. “Expand/Shrink for keybinds? Are you sure you need them” -Taktik.
Adv.Edit is basically up to some LUA scripter to make a 3rd party tool for, it will never be keybindable natively in Renoise. :blink: :blink: :blink:

Whatever the Advanced edit can do, can also be scripted in Lua.
And what can be scripted in Lua, can be keybinded :D

Well, here’s to Protman making expand + shrink keybindable :)
I just wonder when we’ll start getting “startup LUA script packages” that will have mostly keyboard shortcuts etc, i.e. when will it just be a gigantic zip containing dozens of xrnx’s that the user has to install by hand… I’m still under the misimpression that it wouldn’t cost that much to add some of the LUA scripts into native Renoise.

How can one find out the LUA script function-names for Adv.Edit?

Is this somewhere in one of those renoise.*() -objects?.. I think the main point of Synflom was lost after he asked for adv.edit in the same sentence :)

I’m assuming you mean Pattern Editor?

If you look at the source code of Progressor, Epic Arpeggiator, Step Sequencer, Scale Finder, and Randomize Notes, these are all different approach to “pasting stuff” in the Pattern Editor. I’ve also coded an “Export Selection To Midi…” based on code from “Rotate Pattern” which allows you to rotate a selection. There are numerous other “beta quality” scripts that do similar things in “XRNX Tool Announcements & Discussion.”

It can’t be denied that these tools paste new data into the Pattern Editor. It’s also clearly possible to work with selections. So yes, the feature is doable. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of just accessing paste.

There are several ways to solve the problem. The easiest is with a built in renoise.PatternIterator and is_selected. From there store the data you want to collect in a table. Then, run a new iterator and start dumping from the table into the Pattern Editor.

I recommend you look at the source code of a similar project and inspire yourself. Pasting in Renoise, with all the masking and idiosyncrasies, is tricky. Like vV said, whatever the Advanced edit can do can also be scripted in Lua. It’s not a matter of magic though.

Hope this helps.