canal bridge dwelling

Nice rich sound, nice layering of sounds over each other, nice mellow feel.

On the other hand, it’s very short on development. It seems more like a backdrop to a movie scene - wallpaper music. Granted, the high voices do change a bit what they’re doing, but the soundscape is dominated by the low and rhythm voices, and any development there is minimal.

Still, I could listen to it on repeat for a long time before I’d lose it and start biting dogs.

Great track! Synths create the mysterious atmosphere; soft bit leads the way, carrying away. Everything sounds flattened and harmonic; the instruments do not conflict with each other. It is hard not to agree with Jan, music resembles soundscape of a movie scene, but in my opinion this sounds like a soundtrack to the game quest, where one should unravel a mystery. Interesting work.

I love it, beautiful stuff.

That bass melody (you hear from the start) is pretty unique/interesting in its sound, swelling rhythmically.

The subtle drums/percussion also fit perfectly.

I agree with pretty much everything Jan Koekepan said :slight_smile: Copy his words.

You should really see if you can maybe make this track like, 3-4 times as long. I’d listen.

A bit more development would be nice. But also not too much, I like how it just flows on and not really go anywhere very different. Indeed like a canal/dwelling. I don’t really see the “bridge” though :wink: Besides, I couldn’t tell you development to where or in what sense, this type of musical soundscapes are (currently) way beyond my level of skill.

It reminds me a bit of Boards of Canada (in some sense, it’s very different, but you touch upon the eeriness) and Bohren & der Club of Gore - Midnight Walker (really cool track, check it out).

If you need even more layers, or some intro sound thing, I bet some quiet atmospheric rain sounds would fit nicely. Or really any kind of atmospheric sound, you can get a lot of interesting recordings from–city sounds, nature sounds, traffic, generic-something-happening-really-far-away sounds, inside abandoned buildings, whatever you feel might fit the mood you’re aiming for, probably even literally sounds recorded when dwelling under a canal bridge :slight_smile: (there’s a guy from Utrecht on there who’s done loads of urban ambient recordings, bet he went near a canal at some point). It’s your call though, just throwing the idea out there.

a very deep track for which i could basically only say what has already been said.

production quality, technical execution and arrangement are not less than solid and well thought out.

the atmosphere you created virtually devours the listener.

intense and overall very good.

thanks everyone.