Cancel Render Selection To Sample

can’t cancel render selection to sample

Have you tried keeping the “Esc” key pressed?

No, escape wont work. Nothing can currently cancel Render Selection if you invoke it from the context menu or directly via a shortcut.

Is this really a problem?

but undo works :P
i know that isnt a solution.

why is that missing cancel-action bothering you?
cant remember any time where this was a problem for me.

If your tempo and LPB are very low, it can take a while before the selection is rendered to sample.
Or perhaps if the selection that is rendered requires painfully much cpu resources that it hogs during rendering and you’ld consider you wanted to change a thing but can’t abort simply because you already started the proces.

since you can cancel rendering to song i don’t see why it’s a big ask.
this would be a time saver.