Cannot install on my sony laptop

Hello All,

I appreciate any help you can provide… But every time I try to install Renoise 2.8.0 on my somewhat older laptop (Sony VGN-CR220E) which has an Intel Core2 Duo T7250 2.0GHz CPU 2GB RAM VISTA.

I get the following error during installation:

"An error occurred while trying to read the source file: The source file “C:\temp\installer.dat” does not exist.

Click Retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file (not recommended), or abort to cancel installation.

Has anyone ever ran into this before???

I’ve also tried installing it by “right click | install as administrator” but makes no difference.

Thanks in advance!


iirc, Vista came in both 32 and 64 bit versions. Which version of vista are you running, and which version of Renoise are you trying to install? Renoise32, or Renoise64?

Its 32bit … To tell ya the truth, now that I think about it I may be using a corrupt file … Of course i cant log into backstage anymore to redownload as the password reset never sends me a link :( (yeah,i checked my spam/junk folder)

I think you might try the contact form. Contact | Renoise


I suspect you are running the installer executable from inside the archive. Unpack the archive to some folder and then try.

If you’re having problems accessing your account, then please don’t waste any more time. Simply contact us at Contact | Renoise and we’ll help you out. Don’t forget to include your full name in the message.

It’s definitely this.
After you opened the .zip or . rar drag the folder to you desktop, then install again (you can delete the folder after.)