Cannot make slices at any time ?


When I try to slice a sample again after having rendered destructively the current series of samples, Redux replies that it can be done, but you will loose everything else (see screen shot below). Why is that ? Why isn’t it possible to slice any sample at any time ?


When using slice markers the instrument may only contain one main sample.

It’s not possible to have multiple different sliced samples, nor to mix and match sliced and unsliced samples together in the same instrument.

The limitation is to do with how the slice markers and automatic key mappings are handled internally.

So in order to build an instrument made out of samples taken from several drum loops, several instances of Redux/Renoise should be used, one for each kit, then the slices/samples saved for each and at the end, another Redux/Renoise instance would then load all the saved samples to make the instrument. Is this right ? Would this be the way to proceed ? - Thanks.

Would this be the way to proceed ?

Are you actually using the slice markers to play and rearrange loops in your song? Or are you simply using the slice markers as a tool to help you chop up loops and create new individual samples?

Either way… If I was doing this purely inside Redux and wanted to use slices from several different loops, I would first load all of the loop samples into the instrument, then I would append them all together.

Copy the sample data from loop #2 and paste it at the end of loop #1, then copy the sample data from loop #3 and paste that at the end after loop #2, and so on… merging all loops into a single sample.

Then I’d finally start slicing up that big main sample, so that all sounds/kits were contained within a single instrument.

Could be a nice hack to try? :smiley:

Thanks. I use slices to generate samples. I will try with loading and pasting all loops first.

I have another question. UPDATE: Another topic was created for this in the Renoise section.

What is the purpose of having the keyzone configured so that a first octave is given to the original loop for transposing ? Sure, the whole loop can be played in pitch increments for one octave but that’s surely not the only thing to be done with that, is it?