Cannot Paste Strings Starting With <?Xml From Os Clipboard

Hi, as of 2.7.2 I’m unable to paste stuff that is on my OSX clipboard to the Renoise Scripting Editor - making it pretty much impossible for me to continue on making a ml_textfield copypaste gui window which would show these depreceated trackdsps

Confirmed. Sort of.

I can, for example, cut and paste your message into the Scripting Editor.

What I can’t do is cut and paste the 5 letter string : <?xml which is pretty fucked up on it’s own.

Try it:

Copy: <?xm


Copy: <?xml

Anything that follows <?xml like <?xml hello world also doesn’t paste.

You can work around it by selecting everything except the first character, then manually typing in the missing <

Note: This also seems to affect pasting into the DSP chain. (Here, the workaround is useless :( )