Can't adjust latency in voxengo perfect space VST

There is this annoying bug ever since I am on vista .
Changing the latency of voxengo/cakewalk perfect space conv.reverb , has absolutely no effect .
It is able to process @64 samples ,but it stays at 4096 samples ,after restarting renoise
No problems with other hosts .

Maybe related , adjusting a parameter on the freeware synth ‘synth1’ the parameter stays focused , adjusting the synth settings are not executed .
Now what both plugins have in common , is that when the plugin asks for the new settings to take effect , this is shown in a separate window on top of renoise ( see screenshot ) , maybe this is the reason why the new settings are never executed , renoise is not aware ot the new changes to be made.

Such settings are plugin internal settings. Nothing is “passed through” Renoise here.

But maybe this is a permission problem - the plugin tries to save its preferences into a write protected location. If you launch Renoise once as admin, change the setting and then restart it as a normal user, does it then work?

sadly it does not .

The plugin is just a dll file ( graphics are in the dll )

I had this ripped from a demo of cakewalk long time ago …the days they would just include working dll’s .

I can post it to you

Well, personally I saw such a plugin which is adjust-able the latency for the first time and was interested.
So I tried the “Voxengo Pristine Space” demo, I think it’s quite similar to the cakewalk’s one.

And as taktik said,

  • Run Renoise as Admin
  • and besides, need to reload the plugin if you’ve changed the latency setting
    then I can change the latency time of the plugin here (win 8.1 64bit).
    Maybe, it’s the same case as your’s.