Can't control easing of automation lines in 3.2

OS: Ubuntu 18.04, Renoise 64Bit - V3.2.0 (Built: Aug 26 2019)
System specs: 16GB RAM, AMD FX-8350, M-Audio Fast Track Ultra (using JACK)
Config.xml (53.7 KB) Log.txt (13.6 KB)


When trying to change the easing of a curve in automation editor by clicking red dot the new line is created instead.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. Launch Renoise
  2. Open automation editor pane
  3. Make sure it’s in “Lines” mode
  4. Draw a line
  5. Hover mouse over the red dot (mouse cursor doesn’t change its form, still looks like a cross)
  6. Drag the red dot (a new line starts to appear instead of changing existing line easing)

Expected results:

Visual feedback (changing cursor form the cross to the up-down arrow icon) and controlling the easing of an existing line (its curvature).

Actual results:

A new line starts to appear at the point of click.

Video demo:

You’ve got the ‘Line’ mode enabled in the bottom left, which helps to create linear ramps. Turn this off to enter normal mode again.

Oh, I also just found that it’s a feature and not a bug but it was possible only with the help of my buddy. That’s pretty unobvious. At least the hover of red dots should be disabled when editor in ‘Line’ mode then, it confused me so much. Need to make UX a little bit better in that area.
Anyways, thank you for fast reply!

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