Cant drag and drop tools in Renoise on ubuntu 19.10 with Wayland

I tried opening nautilus as admin that didn’t work ether also placed the tool in the tools directory but nothing.What gives?

Just found the solution for any of guys facing the same problem its ubuntu Wayland going back to xorg did the trick.Anyway should i not use Wayland are there any other problems i will encounter with Renoise?

Over here i cant even program my patterns on wayland…

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What exactly is the problem?

Oh Shit, Sorry!
It seems that i have been screaming a bit too early and that it was a problem in Sway…
I went from Debian Testing to Unstable the other day because of some dependency i needed for some other software i wanted to compile. And i guess Sway or just wayland itself also got updated… Since it all seems to be working now…

But 2 weeks ago, just before i went from testing to unstable, Renoise was reacting on 1 or 2 keyboard actions and after that it completely stopped reacting. Only mouse clicks still worked, but pressing keys on my keyboard didnt do anything. And since i saw more problems here on the forum with wayland… i Guessed it was a wayland problem… But it seems now that it was a problem with the specific compositor Or wayland itself… When i find the time somewhere the next days, I could run some tests on different wayland compositors to see whether it works on those or not.