Can't Duplicate Instrument With Keyboard Shortcut

Hi, I can’t get my “Duplicate instrument” keyboard shortcut in Instrument Box area working. I could be doing something wrong or have some kind of set-up problem.

Steps to replicate

  1. Open renoise
  2. Load any song with instruments or a new instrument
  3. Focus instrument box (either with keyboard shortcut or by mouse)
  4. Select an instrument (either with up/down keys or by mouse)
  5. Press shortcut to duplicate instrument (I have it on cmd-D)

expected: The same thing that happens with no problems when you right-click an instrument and choose ‘Duplicate’.

actual: Nothing. Well the selected instrument does get unselected but that’s it.

The problem is specific to the shortcut Control + D. You can change the shortcut to a different key combo and it should work normally. Shift + Control + D works fine, Alt + D works fine, Shift + D works fine, etc.

Upon further inspection, it looks like we have a few shortcuts that are actually hard-coded for the instrument box, which will always override any custom mappings you have. It looks like Control + A is mapped to select all, and Control + D is mapped to select none.

We’ll definitely take a closer look at this. Thanks for reporting.

Ah, that would explain it. Thanks! I remember running into some strange things with Instrument and sample list shortcuts before. I’ll remap for now.