Can't find VST Plugins on Linux

I tried scanning for my vst files and nothing showed up. On windows I usually have an option on this screen to change the search directory but there isn’t on linux for me. So I tried to move my vst to a directory that it already searches for, but for some reason it is still not finding my vst plugins. Here is a screenshot

In this screenshot when I ran renoise in the terminal it shows that it looked in a directory where my vst folder was, labeled usr/local/lib/vst/

And here is what is inside the folder

I’m not sure how to fix this issue I tried looking through the FAQ document for linux, any help would be appreciated :smile:

Try putting your VSTs (the .so files) into usr/lib/vst instead.

You cannot use Windows VSTs (DLLs) directly. You need to use Linux Versions (*.so files). As an example, try putting the Linux builds from TAL Noisemake into ~/.vst (home directory/.vst, create it if it is not there yet).

You can try to start renoise in an environment where the variable “VST_PATH” is set to a list of all paths containing your plugins, i.e. in your case containing “/usr/local/lib/vst”. You can try by editing your starter not just to run the “renoise” program, but something like “VST_PATH=/usr/local/lib/vst renoise”. Research how to set an enviroment variable permanently for a user/session if you want it to work systemwide.

@unconventionalmauric, make sure you follow this, as I think this is probably the biggest issue you are having: you cannot use Windows .dll files and Windows VST plugins directly into Linux - they will be ignored.

It is possible to use them with some workarounds, but that is another subject.