Cant Get Enough Of This Tune

yea this album is a pure masterpiece…

great music.

Of all(ot) of the ‘future u.k. garage’ I really like Burial the least tbh. It sounds so dull, nothing happens. I’m not trying to troll anyone here or something, just, what about scuba or eskmo?

@dirtbox: in that case, you should really check out Thom Yorke - The Eraser Remixes. it has a fantastic burial remix and as a ‘bonus’, about 4 more amazing remixes by other artists (modeselektor, i think four tet and can’t remember the others)
by the way, it is indeed a great tune.

@td6d: thank you, i did not know of other artists in the genre, will check these out, sounds good. i must say i like burial kinda more because i like it to be darker or something, especially that song by Scuba has a bit too much of the floaty melody imo. but eskmo sounds pretty promising.

@td6d I’m not fan of all Burial tunes but I really think he launched something and I really like his textures and beats, and he should be named Brutal for making his beats in Soundforge ! I find it more living than Eskmo or Scuba(I really like them but they sound more like “digital surgery” if you know what I mean, while Burial as a lot of little imperfections that makes it sound more natural to me). Cloudlight is awesome tune but too far from the rest of the album, I was very disappointed about it.

check those if you like the links above:

sorry no more than two medias per post :confused:

Mount Kimbie - Maybes

This one was released in 1998 but I find it fit in the style:
fridge - Kinoshita

Ye man i like latch its a nice one!

Cool i really like The eraser so should be interesting and ive heard that Four tet one too,also nice