Can'T Get Keyboard To Work In Rewire Mode

I am using Reaper as my ReWire host and Renoise as my ReWire slave.

I have an Akai MPK49 keyboard controller. It works fine in Reaper for controlling VSTis and other settings. It also works fine in Renoise, when it is NOT running as a ReWire slave, by selecting the keyboard as the midi device.

The problem is, when I slave Renoise to Reaper, and arm the Renoise track for recording in Reaper, I can see my midi notes in Reaper’s track meter when I use the keyboard, but Renoise does not seem to be getting a signal. I can’t choose the keyboard as the midi device in Renoise, because it’s already open in Reaper.

I am not sure what I’m doing wrong. I just want to be able to use Renoise for creating beats with its tracker, but use Reaper as my DAW. I can’t close Reaper to make the keyboard work in Renoise, because Reaper’s the host.

Shouldn’t I be able to select “ReWire” as a MIDI device in Renoise instead of having to choose from the available hardware midi devices (when it’s running in ReWire mode)? I can’t figure out how else to make Renoise use the MIDI channels that Reaper makes available through ReWire…

I did have an idea of renoise with its own virtual midi device out… but after thinking of it, every os would need its own implementation… in the meantime… what os are you using? if windows, I use LoopBe1 and another virtual midi port, mac its built in… linux, i have no idea…

edit: most likely all u need to do is route your reaper channel to a virtual midi port, then that to renoise.

I’m using Windows 7 64-bit.

I’m not looking to route the midi keyboard through a virtual midi port… Renoise is already ReWired to Reaper, so they have the ability to directly share MIDI data, at least theoretically. I have 4 virtual midi cables set up, but there are no options to route anything through those when setting up the ReWire connection, and it certainly shouldn’t be necessary with a ReWire setup.

Renoise makes available a “Master Midi Keyboard” which reaper can attach its midi channels to in the Rewire settings, however it does not seem to work for me… the keyboard midi data is not transmitted through to Renoise.

I’m new to ReWire (and Renoise), so maybe I’m doing something wrong… I see posts with other people who have their midi keyboards set up in Reaper and transmitting to Renoise (many of them say they experience a delay, but that’s still more than I’m getting).

Could you check the following registry key?
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Propellerhead Software\ReWire\Renoise

The Renoise installer is not updating this key properly on Windows 64 bit installations. Also about which Renoise version are you speaking? 2.6 or 2.7B?

The only key in there is ‘Device Path’ which is set properly I think (the path is right at least):

I’m using Renoise 2.7B

I should also mention–other than the keyboard issue, ReWire is working fine. Audio from Renoise is playing through Reaper without issue.


No, because Renoise would then not be an option at all in Reaper.
Perhaps something went wrong with installing the ReWire.DLL or it is sending the Midi signals to a bus that Renoise doesn’t listen to (it should be bus 0).
I have tested this and don’t experience MIDI signal routing problems with both Renoise 2.6.1 and 2.7.0 in Windows-7 64 bit.
Scratch that i had the midi device in Renoise selected and in Reaper none of my midi devices were selected.
So midi signals are indeed not interpreted by Renoise through ReWire, this happens with 2.6 as well however.
You can for now attach your device to Renoise (directly select the device in the midi preferences and unselect the device in the midi preferences of Reaper) or send midi data from Reaper through a virtual cable, but this should not be necessary usually.

Indeed, I am using Reaper 64-bit, and it works fine ReWiring it to 32-bit Renoise (unless the MIDI issue is a side effect of that).

It does work for me if I go into the Reaper options, turn off control of my MPK49, then select the MPK49 in Renoise. However, that’s incredibly unintuitive given that the midi signal from the keyboard should be able to be shared between ReWired apps, and I frequently switch back and forth between using the keyboard for Reaper tracks, and wanting to use it in Renoise.

I notice something odd… In the “Midi Send to ReWire” options in Reaper, you can assign each of the 16 midi channels to an available midi channel in Renoise. By default, Bus 0 Channel 0 goes to Bus 0 Chan 0 of the ReWire slave, and so on. Renoise only makes “Master Keyboard” available, however. I can choose to route any bus/channel to Master Keyboard, and close the window, and then next time I open the window, that bus/channel is set to the default ‘Bus 0 Chan 0’, instead of still saying “Master Keyboard”.

I don’t know if that makes any sense, but unless that’s the expected behavior, it seems like Reaper’s not able to connect properly to the Master Keyboard input. Does anyone else in my situation experience something similar, if I’ve made myself clear at all?

Well, that doesn’t work with my 64-bit copy of reaper though (i have really installed the 32-bit version of Reaper to be able test this), but i guess ReWire has several quircks of its own…

I had some issues getting ReWire working between the two… but after fiddling with it for a bit, and realizing I couldn’t open Renoise manually (I had to let Reaper open it for me), everything worked fine for me (except this keyboard issue of course).

It turns out that the 64-bit version of Reaper doesn’t include a ReWire DLL, it just relies on whatever other ReWire client you’re using to have a working DLL. The 32-bit version of Reaper, on the other hand, includes its own ReWire DLL, so that could be a factor in why it’s working better for you.

Yeah, but with Renoise 2.6 it doesn’t work either, so i’m starting to wonder if this isn’t a problem with Reaper or a configuration.

I’m having trouble finding it at the moment, but I am pretty sure I saw a response from a Renoise developer in these forums that Master Keyboard is the MIDI input made available for ReWire in Renoise and designed for this purpose… but it seems like it’s not working.

(Update: Found it! - the last post there)

I’m not sure if it’s Reaper or Renoise, because I’ve never tried to ReWire any other DAWs to either application, but based on the Reaper forum, it appears it is able to send midi data to many different ReWire slaves (some people seem to have gotten their keyboards working from Reaper → Renoise as well, so I don’t know what the difference is), which makes me think it is either Renoise, or some sort of configuration which is not saving properly.