Can't Initialize 64-bit Version Of Halion Vst

I recently bought a new portable computer.
It’s the Sony VAIO AR-31XY and it runs on windows vista ultimate 64-bit.
Renoise works perfectly as usual, but not when I try to use the recently upgraded Halion VST built for 64-bit.

So I uninstalled it and installed the 32-bit version and that works fine.

I’d love to make use of my pc’s full potential of course so can you maybe check it out?


ps. will there be a 64-bit version of Renoise too? ;)

A 64-bit version of Renoise is planned.
For now it has no use to submit a bug-report on using a 64-bit plugin in a 32-bit application as 32-bit applications will never support 64-bit plugins by default.
You may want to try JBridge to use your 64-bit plugin inside Renoise, but you will have some half-assed solution that may not even guarantee 100% same output when you play your songs in a native 64-bit edition of Renoise, once it is released…
But at least it is better than nothing for now i guess.

Here you can find jBridge:

Was just having a rummage to find out what I could for Renoise running on 64-bit OS, what you’re saying sounds like great news - I await with baited breath.

As a sidenote I thought it would be right to mention that none of the 32bit VST’s will work in 64bit Renoise… Which is 99% of currently available VSTs :P

That is the catch, but apparently some don’t mind… and some will probably again jump to JBridge…