"Can't load Module. 'Synthedit Scope 3"

Hi Guys, anyone knows what to do if I try to load one of my songs and I see on the screen “Can’t load Module. 'Synthedit Scope 3”? I found something on this website: http://www.synthedit.com/modules/hosted-modules/ and downloaded Scope3 but I don’t know where to put this…? This problem appeared after I was cleaning my windows from bugs, viruses etc… :confused:

Synthedit Scope 3 is a code module of the Synthedit VST creation environment. You surely have a Synthedit made VST in your project. The Synthedit modules (.sem) have to be in a folder with the same name of the Synthedit made dll. And this folder has to be on the same location where the dll is placed. If the dll is on e.g. C:\Program Files\VST Plugins, then the folder has to be there. Normally at the first start of the plugin in your daw, the dll creates automatically a folder with the same name of the dll in the dll’s directory. There you must place all needed Synthedit modules. If the dll doesn’t create a folder, then check, if the folder where the dll is placed is write protected, or check the permissons of this folder. The dll needs full permissions to the folder where it’s placed, because the sem modules are packed into the dll and have to be unpacked. But this is just possible without errors, if the dll has full permissions to the folder where it’s placed.