Can't Load Vst's Or Au's.

ok, so i download an AU or VST, put everything in the right folder, open renoise, and nothing loads…

so far I’ve: deleted the .log files associated with plugins, disabled and re-enabled plug in folders, rescanned, all of which having been done with the current beta and current regular version of renoise.

I’m running Lion OSX (if that helps).

Where are you trying to load them from? See if the links in my previous post (although from a discussion on Linux) helps:

well naturally i have the components in library/audio/plugins/components and the vst’s in the vst folder.

i had the mda.component before i got renoise (which has always loaded), but anything and everything new doesn’t load.

Perhaps the Renoise plugin-database got corrupted.
Renaming it or removing it and then try to rescan is the last solution i can think of.
I don’t know if there is a trick to clear the database without having to manually delete it (e.g. changing the VST paths to nothing and then rescan).

i did everything short of deleting renoise itself, but then i did that too, redownloaded it and the same problem remained. ugh.

Can you please provide some more information?

Which exact AUs or VSTs are you trying to use? You should also mention if they’re 32-bit or 64-bit.

When you say that “nothing loads”, what exactly do you expect to happen when you open Renoise? The plugins will not automatically appear in your project, for example. You must still manually add them to your song. If the plugin scan was successful, then you should see your plugin effects listed in the Track DSPs section, and you should see your plugin instruments listed in the Instrument Settings > Plugin section.

Are you saying that the plugin scan doesn’t actually detect the plugins you have installed? Or do you actually see the plugins in Renoise, but you’re having some kind of problem adding them to your song? Or something else?

Actually I’ll bet that’s likely part of the problem. just a hunch.

so, first, can you verify your au and vst paths are correct in renoise preferences>plug/misc?
Do you see the VST and AU paths?
Are they enabled?
Are they the same location you dropped the vsts/aus you expect to see in renoise?

Next, you must answer the following question before posting a follow up:
are you trying to load an instrument plugin or an effects plugin?

I’m assuming your plugin is an instrument:

Open the Instrument Settings tab, be sure the “Plugin” button is selected.
So are you not seeing
A] any plugins in the dropdown list?
B] a plugin GUI after you select one from the list?

if B, click “Ext. Editor”

No dice?
Then next verify and answer these simple questions:

-what plugin(s) are you trying to load?
-version number?
-is the plugin 64 bit or 32 bit?
-is your renoise 32bit or 64bit?
-Are you running Lion in 32 bit mode or 64 bit mode?

alright, i managed to overcome my ignorance and figure out the answers to those questions that i should have known in the first place…


  1. it is an effects AU (fishfillets.component)
  2. i dont know what bit its in, but its version 1.1
  3. im running the current beta of Renoise in 32bit
  4. im running Lion in 32bit

also, i tried downloading and installing the VST version of fishfillets (and putting it in the appropriate folder) but that didnt work either…

the paths are correct and the boxes are highlighted. i also used the rescan button several zillion times in combination with opening/closing/uninstalling/reinstalling the program and deleting the associated log files (so theyd rebuild upon reopen in case they were bad or whatever)

and for the record, i would prefer to use AU over VST, but i wont be stubborn if i have to compromise.

only host i have (thats right, not even garage band)

i didnt specify in irc, i meant to say that i have mda.component and one AU component left behind from when i used to have logic.
those load, and plugin instruments load too (helix, aas, alphafree, etc.), but no other effects components or vst’s will load.

update: i got slim slow slider side chain compressor to work as an AU, two TAL-TOGU AU’s to work and another TAL-TOGU as a VST, which is a duplicate to one of the AU’s.

and since the fishfillets are for ppc that obviously rules out my machine.

SO, thanks for the help everyone!