Where Can I Find Free Synth Samples?

I am on Linux here and there aren’t any software synthesizers(plugins) that can open inside Renoise. Is there some website where I can get synth samples for free?

What makes you think that?


I searched some days ago and the only thing I could find was some sources here and there which needed compilation, so I didn’t bother further.
After reading your post I searched again and found some plugins in synaptic that use the DSSI protocol. I installed:

  • fluidsynth-dssi
  • hexter
  • nekobee
  • whysynth
  • wsynth-dssi

Then in Renoise’s “Disk Browser” I navigate to /usr/lib/dssi/ and I can see the folders there (fludsynth-dssi, …) but there isn’t anything I can open.

If I click on the “.” then I can see the binaries but if I doubleclick on them then the synthesizer opens as a sample. Could you point me to how I can open them?

You don’t load plugins from the Disk Op. Select from the Instrument drop-down here.


First make sure you have path set correctly in Prefernces.


Also I hear good things about the Jucetice project: http://www.anticore.org/jucetice/

Not free but there is also the cross-platform Loomer VSTs: http://www.loomer.co.uk/

Thanks tons! That worked as a charm :D

As a student I have a low budget so will keep me to the freebies for now. Loomer looks classy however. Will keep it in mind for the future.