Can'T Log On To Download Renoise...

Hiya there, didn’t post this in the support section because it felt more like Renoise software support in there, so sorry in advance if i’ve placed this post in the wrong section.

I’ve just recently purchased a new laptop and went to install renoise on there (as I gather that is ok), however I hit a brick wall when trying to log in and download it, as it’s now not recognising me as a valid user! It seems neither my email or username are valid, however I got the username and password (as always) from the email sent to that email address! This is the third computer of mine i’ve installed Renoise to, but that couldn’t possibly be the issue here, right?

Thanks in advance!

Email: support

It sounds like you might be trying to log into the forum with your backstage account?

To download your licensed copy of Renoise you need to log into the backstage area:

PS. For support you can contact us directly here:

Yup, you got it… How on earth did I do that? First link I clicked on was “download renoise”… Ah nevermind. Many thanks!

Hey, maybe it’s the problem same as him, I also cannot login to the backstage from IE9.
Login to Renoise Backstage >> Logged in Succesfully >> Login to Renoise Backstage page again ?? :unsure:

I can login from Firefox, so I think my password is correct.

It sounds like there might be some problem with IE’s cache that keeps forwarding you to the login page. Try clearing your cache and cookies in IE.

Edit: you could also try disabling SSL if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the reply, but these things seem to be unrelated. Still I cannot login from IE9.

Then, I’ve tried to uninstall IE9 and back to IE8, I could login to the backstage normally.
Then I reinstalled IE9, I cannot login again now. So this seems to be a problem to happen only in IE9.

Today I noticed the cause of the problem accidentally, so I just wanted to let you know.

I’d installed “Google chrome frame” to IE9 without a particularly deep thought, actually it was the cause why I couldn’t log-in to the Renoise backstage. ;)

Probably, if you install Google chrome frame to IE and restart PC, you will experience such “blocking” too.
Simply now I uninstalled it, then logging in works fine.

Google Chrome sucks. There is a reason why they are advertising with it:Nobody wants to use it so nobody downloads it.
It is on my blacklist of applications to void at all costs.

hmmm… care to elaborate? i think it is a pretty fast and useful lightweight browser.

I’ve made a few attempts in the past with Chrome, my most recent experience was in Windows 7 and it still was capable of crashing out 4 times within one hour.
With Windows XP it was even capable of disrupting my whole Windows environment with its so called multithreading technology.
It may be fast, but to me it is not sturdy enough.

never had those issues on Win7 or Linux (Chromium). but still i’m using Firefox because i like it better :)

Yep. I’ve experienced some similar stuff. I really love the speed of Chrome and the fact that it loads almost instantly, but the stability is simply not good enough yet. I was experiencing some pretty nasty BSOD’s while performing simple tasks like opening links in new tabs. After doing some research I found others describing the same problems, and it did indeed seem to be related to Chrome’s multi-threading tech.

I even posted a pretty detailed bug report with crash dumps included, but I didn’t even get a single reply from anyone about it.

I simply can’t risk random BSOD’s while I’m working, so until I know for sure that the problem is fixed I will continue using Firefox.

Multithreading tech is serious stuff you can burn your hands easily with.
Those folks who developed Chrome definately didn’t followed a few of the more important guidelines regarding system stability.
You are still working with Windows XP or you also experienced BSOD’s in Windows 7?
If the latter, then i’m happy i ditched it for the last time.

Yep. Still using XP Pro SP3 on my home machine. No desire to switch any time soon. :)