Can't play notes after touching GUI of VST

Hey guys, I’m having a bit of trouble. I can’t play keys on my keyboard after tweaking a knob on a VST. I just hear a ding. I feel like renoise thinks I’m trying to type something into the VST. I remember this was not a problem before so does anyone know how to toggle this?

Make sure the “enable keyboard” checkbox on the bottom-left of the plugin window is unchecked.

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I dont see that option it says “no focus option for bridged plug ins”.

You don’t have this checkbox in the plugin window?



Disable plugin bridging in Renoise settings.

Not seeing that option either haha

You have to open prefs to see it


Yeah I dont see the option in preferences.

Then you are using 32bit in 64bit Renoise, so it is not possible. Use the 64bit version.

thank you

@RiDylan What OS are you running?

On Linux, I don’t have the Enable Keyboard and Random check boxes in the Plugin Window.