Can't save my work


So just upgraded my PC and version of Renoise, now on Windows 10 with Renoise 3.3, and now can’t seem to save / update an existing project. I can create a project using save as, but later on when I try to save progress it pops up with two stages of message.

The first says: “destination folder access denied - you need permission to perform this action”.
I have two options, ‘try again’ or ‘cancel’. Try again does nothing so I click cancel and it then produces this message:
“saving failed with error. The song was successfully saved but could not be moved to its final destination. Please make sure there is enough free space on the disk”.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

can run-as-admin solve anything?
there is obviously the permission issue… - or as it does say - disk usage might be up to its limits

sorry - i’m not a windows expert in this manner, but renoise itself indicates that permissions are in question

Hi! I tried that and it didn’t.
The C drive is an SSD and has 90 gb free of a 237 capacity.

Can you tell in which directory/path you tried to save your song?

Hi, very normal I think
C:\ users \ my account name \ music

It’s basically the generic music folder you get with windows.

Although i don’t think it is due to Windows Defender - it might be worth excluding the folder.
As a bonus, if you also exclude Renoise, sample and plugin folders from Defender, song loading times will decrease.

Thanks dude. I read about this issue previously so have done that.
I’ve been having an issue with a track I’ve been working on this last week.
I’ve just now created a new project and have managed to save progress three times without issue.
I don’t know why the first project was problematic.
At one point I did try to save the 1st project to my secondary HD (E drive), but then reverted to saving it on C drive again. Maybe this has confused it and its created a conflict?

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