Can't set alphabetic values in effect columns on Linux, Wayland

Hi! So I have this weird problem where I can’t set, for example, “FF” in any of the effects columns (vol/pan/delay/fx). It just insert a note if possible, otherwise it does nothing. Have a look:
2023-07-20 07-54-21

I tried disabling “override window manager shortcuts”, to no avail. However, it does work when I switch to X11!
I’m on KDE 5.27.4, Ubuntu Studio 23.04.

I quite like Wayland, is there any way around this? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

The insertion of notes is weird… I think. That said, volume can accept up 7F and pan can go up 80. Entering FF does nothing as your screencap shows (but again, the note insertion is weird). You should be able to enter FF in the delay and FX columns - are you sure you’ve checked this correctly?

I’m on the same version of KDE, but using X11 I believe. I would steer clear off Wayland + Renoise for now. Who knows if Renoise needs to support it or not, but it is possible that it may need to, and who knows if and when that will happen.

Both volume and panning have got the same range from 00 to 80. Delay is from 00 to FF.

Yeah I realize now that my recording was a bit tricky, but that’s not the issue; I can’t enter alphabetic characters in any other column as well.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that it’s running over XWayland, but it did work on Arch for me so I wonder what’s going on. Thanks for the reply anyway!