Can't set edit/play pos to last line in song

I get a std::logic_error: 'invalid edit pos. valid values -> (1 - song_end)' when I try to set the position programmatically.
Initially I was using the _beats variant and thought it may be due to some rounding error, but even when settings sequence/line directly, this error occurs.
To reproduce, create a new song and enter in the terminal = renoise.SongPos(1, 64).

What version of Renoise are you using? 3.2.0? or 3.2.1b? If you are using 3.2.0, give 3.2.1b a go ⮚ Renoise 3.2.1 & Redux 1.1.1 betas released

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Cool I had missed that. Going to take a look right now :slight_smile: