Can'T Use Automation Device As Target For Hydra?

topic says it all… is there a reason for this?

oh, I also just noticed you can’t use a signal follower as a target for the hydra either… I guess this has already been noticed and discussed aeons ago, so consider this a beginners question, not a bug report ^^


1: you would use the midi control device for this… or midi learn the hydra itself
2: you can do this, signal follow > hydra > input (or whatever parameter)

Just tested it here, i can map parameters of the automation device to the hydra without problems as well as with the signal follower. (clean song or demo song though)
Can you post an example song where you cannot achieve this?

weird, I can’t reproduce it… that is, the song I was working on yesterday, now accepts any of these as target for the hydra no problem. must have been a fluke :unsure: