Can't Use More Than 1 Sound From Each Vsti !

Hello :)

Using a pc + vista 32 + ram 4go and i can’t use more than 1 sound from each VSTi.

Example, if i create a bassline with a vsti and then a lead with the same vsti, the sound selected for the lead become also the sound for the bassline :(

Could you help me ?

Thank you !

Scroll down to the part about “Using a VST Instrument Alias through channelling”

If your VSTI is a synth VSTI, this probably won’t work out.
For sampler VST plugins this will work out.
Beware though that the audio from all Aliases are being equally treated as one audio-stream even if you would split these instruments across several physical tracks in Renoise, all different effects are applied to all instruments.

…can’t you load a second instance of the VSTi? One for the bass, and one for the lead?

This will resolve the multi-out problem that you encounter with alias instruments.

I finally find the solution, installing XP, and i can now have many different sounds from the same VSTi, playing at the same time :dribble:

Thank you for your help :)

wait, did you mean that you added 1 vst instrument for bass and then added totally separately second instance of same vsti for lead and both instruments playd same sound??? thats very strange…

Yes ! I can’t explain why, but that’s what happened when i was using renoise with vista, now everything is ok since i re-installed xp :)


I’m curious too now :blink:

Very strange indeed…